We are local residents who feel a sense of pride about where we live, and are working together to make both Marsh and Micklefield places in which people, community, enterprise and nature can all thrive.

Here’s the story…

In 2014 the communities of Marsh and Micklefield were invited to take part in an experimental community project called ‘Big Local’. Since then a group of residents have been working together to lead local change, driven by the values below.

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    EMPOWERMENT Together we can build the community we want to live in.

  2. 2

    ENJOYMENT This should be fun! Lets enjoy this journey together.

    Oven Glove
  3. 3

    INCLUSIVITY This belongs to everyone. If you are between 0-110 and care about where you live - consider yourself part of the family.


Meet the team

  1. Carol Rickwood from Marsh & Micklefield

    Carol Rickwood

    Micklefield Resident

  2. Maddy Howe from Marsh & Micklefield

    Maddy Howe

    Marsh Resident, Chair

  3. Matt Knight from Marsh & Micklefield

    Matt Knight

    Micklefield Resident, Vice Chair

  4. Vicky Baptiste from Marsh & Micklefield

    Vicky Baptiste

    Micklefield Resident and Social Media Lead

  5. Eric Meek from Marsh & Micklefield

    Eric Meek

    Marsh Resident

  6. Riaz Ahmed from Marsh & Micklefield

    Riaz Ahmed

    Team Member

  7. Andrea Baughan from Marsh & Micklefield

    Andrea Baughan

    Marsh Resident

  8. Lisa Meaney from Marsh & Micklefield

    Lisa Meaney

    Development Manager

  9. John Taylor from Marsh & Micklefield

    John Taylor

    Community Ranger

  10. Luci Busescu from Marsh & Micklefield

    Luci Busescu

    Micklefield Resident, Graphic Design and Comms

  11. John Shaw from Marsh & Micklefield

    John Shaw

    Chief Ranger at Chiltern Rangers

Chiltern Rangers

Also a very inspiring bunch. As residents involved in this this project are an informal group and cannot hold funds or employ staff, Chiltern Rangers CIC have been asked to be the ‘Locally Trusted Organisation’ for our area, and take on these roles.

Chiltern Rangers