2020: A quick look back.

Well, it all seems like a very long time ago now…

Well, it all seems like a very long time ago now but the first two and a half months of 2020 saw many great things happening with the M&M Community Ranger project.

There was quite a lot of hedge planting around Wycombe Marsh with just under 300 trees being put in by local residents and schoolchildren in January, and that month also saw me back at Ash Hill School to work with old and new friends, continuing our fantastic project to look after the chalk grassland on the School grounds.

I was lucky to be able to give a talk to, and then spend time with, members of the Wycombe Marsh WI. We spoke about the local environment, how it had changed over the years and took the opportunity to record people’s memories of the area as it once was. This also saw the start of a project to plant fruit trees in the area - individually and as Mini-Orchards. These will mainly be Cherries to reflect the local heritage but also Apple, Damson, Quince and Plum and we are looking forward to getting this going again in the coming Autumn and Winter.

Late February saw more hedgerow planting and wildflower sowing in Wycombe Marsh with local schools and community groups and a day of planting at Funges Meadow with the Highcrest Eco-Committee and Wycombe Marsh WI.

I was also so pleased to be able to take part in a day of seed sowing and planting at Marsh Infant School just before lockdown. We sowed a huge variety of seeds and planted a couple of Apple trees to start the creation of a Mini-Orchard. It was a brilliant and really rewarding day and hopefully the children enjoyed it as much as I did!

So, in those few weeks before our world changed I was joined by around 250 local people, planting over 400 trees, sowing much wildflower seed and working on hundreds of metres of hedgerow. It was a pleasure to work with such a wide range of people from all over Marsh and Micklefield and I’m looking forward to all the good days to come.