Funding and support for your project

The Marsh and Micklefield team can help you develop your idea; funding is also available from the community’s Big Local grant.

Will your idea benefit others in the community?

If the answer is ‘yes’ and you need funds for your project, please get in touch to tell us about your idea, ask any questions and request an application form.

Get in touch with via the button below.

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What types of grants are available?

Community Chest Grants of up to £500 - these can be applied for at anytime.

Community Investment grants of between £500 and £10,000 - the deadline for these is the 1st of every month.

What type of things can be funded?

Projects must benefit the wider community to be eligible for funding, for grants of over £500 this benefit should be long term.

For the next three years the residents partnership is prioritising projects under two main themes identified through community consultation, these are:

Health and Happiness

People and Planet

Grants can not be awarded to individuals, or companies whose main purpose is to make a profit.

How are grants decided upon?

Community Chest - any three members of the resident’s partnership will decide together whether to allocate funds to your idea. You should hear back within 4 weeks.

Community Investment Grant - For these larger grants the residents partnership will form a funding group with a minimum of three people on it to look at your application. All members of the partnership are invited to be on this group, particularly anyone with expertise or experience relating to the application. This group may come back to you with some questions to help them understand your project.

The group will use this dashboard as a guide when assesing your application: Marsh and Micklefield Potential-O-Meter

The group will then make a recomendation to the wider partnership. All members will then take a vote.

You should hear back approximately 6 weeks after the deadline.

If you are awarded a grant, you will then be asked to collect 5 resident votes for each £1000 of funding you need, from the wider community. Votes are collected through vote postcards (see below) which Marsh and Micklefield Big Local will supply. This is important because it helps make sure the wider community support the project, and will also help you to promote it.

The full funding application and awards process is also described in the flow chart below.