Funding and support for your project

The Marsh and Micklefield team can help you develop your idea; funding is also available from the community’s Big Local grant.

Will your idea benefit others in the community?

If the answer is ‘yes’ and you need funds for your project, get in touch. A member of the Marsh and Micklefield team will contact you to talk about it and help you access funds and other support.

Get in touch with via the button below.

I’ve got an idea!

If your idea requires more than £500, you will need to collect 5 resident votes for each extra £1000 of funding you need. Votes are collected through ‘I’m in’ postcards, that can be supplied by the team and filled in by residents who are in support of your project.

A really good place to float your idea and get some feedback from other residents before you seek funding is at the First Saturday Breakfast.