Breaking Barriers - Creating Positive Change

Find out how some incredible local organisations came together to deliver a fantastic day of skills sharing sessions for 11-19 year olds

#BreakingBarriers - Creating Positive Change

Breaking Barriers was a project held on Wednesday 5th of August and was created for young people in and around High Wycombe. The projects aims were to create a safe and socially distanced space for young people break down barriers. This was achieved by joining together in a big open space, Kingsmead Rec, to share creativity, food, wellbeing, fitness, conservation and art skills.

The idea came about when the Youth Council pointed out that they were not aware of any current events or activities which focused on this area. They spoke, we listened…Wycombe Youth Action, Chilterns CCC, Wycombe Arts Centre and Chiltern Rangers pulled their resources together to fund this wonderful day of discovery.

In total, 27 Young People aged 11-19 attended and took part in the following skills sessions with these fantastic local organisations:

Chiltern Rangers - Worked with young people in the river and ran a skills session on River Monitoring.

Chilterns CCC - Worked with Chiltern Rangers to support the

Bam Fitness - Provided two fantastic 30 minute fitness sessions and also lead a talk on the Windrush which was very well attended and lead to some fantastic discussion topics.

Flux Photographic – Lead a session on Breaking Barriers to Beauty with a focus on nature and positive words.

Khepera CIC – Provided a wonderful vegan lunch for all young people and organisations in attendance. There was also a fantastic session on health and nutrition whilst making healthy vegan yoghurt with the young people.

Wycombe Arts Centre – Three amazing artists, Decreate, Teakster and Baps created visible art on boards and a container at the rugby club as part of the #IWILL campaign.

Wycombe Youth Action – Worked with young people from the Youth Council to deliver a session on wellbeing and self-love

Feedback from the day has been incredibly positive and as a result, there will be a part 2 to this project coming soon…

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