Jenni Bean Consultancy - Changes

JBSC works with families to provide the confidence and empowerment for every parent to raise their family in the way they want to.

Jodie is the founder of Jenni Bean Consultancy Community Interest Company, also known as JBC. JBC is a sling and nappy consultancy who have been running sling and nappy library’s across South Buckinghamshire for the last few years. Jodie is also a Mum of two (5&2) as well as wife to Gary, who is also a volunteer.

We have always ensured that families can find face to support whenever then need it, with five social sling and nappy library meets a month. Our sessions encourage families to share experiences and to make connections in the area.

To start with, we introduced hand washing before joining our social meets, we also spent a week constructing new emergency nappy kits as the shops suffered with the mass of panic buying. One of our directors Katy sat with sectary India and made hundreds of wet wipes for these kits, which were all made from generous donations from local families. The kits were disabused between our volunteer team so that they are accessible across south Bucks.

Once the government announced that Schools were to close, we knew the time had come to close our sessions for the first time in four years! It was really tough emotionally for us all as we have put so much work into building the sessions and general knowledge. Sessions are rarely cancelled and that is something we pride ourselves on.

At first, we took some time to settle into our new way of life, we all have families and finding that new dynamic was very important. Our team of volunteers have not even all met each other as we are spread all over South Bucks, however we talk non-stop via messenger and provide support for each other. We share our success and our less successful days, just knowing that we are all going through it together really helps.

When is was time to start re-inventing our beloved library it was very different to anything we have done before. We decided early on that we are not a postal library, there are many available and they already have the correct infrastructure in place. We do not want to offer something that we can not do well and so we would rather not do a poorer version of what is already available. We opted for non-contact collections, where families register on line ( and then can collect form the door step of one of our team or from a Zero waste shop in Marlow (Seed1).

For support and information, we are offering one to one consultations, workshops and tutorial videos for families over online video software. As well as our in person support we have been building our website which was launched earlier this year. It now has more support information than ever and each day more is being added so you can find the information you need. As always, we are answering a large number of calls, texts, whatsapps, messages and emails so if you need support, please reach out, we are here to help.

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