Marsh Meadows WI - A Visit to Bletchley Park

Before Covid 19 came along, Marsh Meadows WI took a trip to Bletchley Park on Armistice Day. Here’s their story…

Marsh Meadows WI were delighted to receive a Community Chest Grant from Marsh and Micklefield Big Local towards a visit to Bletchley Park. We made the outing on Armistice Day on 11th November; arriving just in time for the really poignant two minute silence.

The next few hours were spent in touring the buildings and grounds to find out about some of the amazing work carried out at the secretive Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes during World War 2 and the part the code-breakers who worked there played in bringing the war to an end. We appreciated why every detail about the sprawling Buckinghamshire estate was shrouded in mystery up until the mid-1970s as no-one who worked there was allowed to talk about it – not even with those working in different blocks.

In a follow up WI meeting we shared some memories that were stirred by the visit. One member informed us that she had found out from her father that her aunt worked there. Another member shared with us that her grandfather’s life may well have been save by Bletchley Park as he was in the Merchant Navy and constantly sailed to and from America under the threat of U boats targeting the convoys.

We now plan to pool together into a booklet the World War 2 activities and experiences of Marsh Meadows WI members and their families.

A huge thank you must be given to Marsh and Micklefield Big Local Fund for subsidising the visit and giving such an insight into this special place.