Wycombe Marsh Community Environment - Still Making a Difference

Whilst regular activities have been put on hold, individuals have still been doing what they can to make a difference in the Marsh area


Along with all organisations and individuals, plans we made for this year have not been implemented as we intended. As events unfolded during the early stages of the pandemic, we ceased our activities and have throughout sought to adhere to government advice. The group were planning an event on Meadow Close Green to commemorate V.E Day, however work on this was also suspended. An event will still take place at some point in the future, but obviously only when it is safe for all to attend.

Litter picking events may not have taken place, but because people have followed government advice and many shops and fast food outlets have been closed, littering throughout the area has been significantly reduced. The recent opening of local fast food outlets has sadly already resulted in an increase in takeaway litter.

Individual volunteer activities we have undertaken included weeding of the village sign garden and planting of additional roses, reporting of dumped bicycles/rubbish, and returning abandoned shopping trolleys their rightful homes, replanting of London Road, Baptist Church planters, (thank you Tiny Garden Nursery!). To mark V.E. Day the village sign garden was decorated with flags and a soldier silhouette that we were able to purchase online. We have also taken the opportunity to walk the area and compile a wish list of potential sites for planting Spring bulbs, the list is quite extensive, and we anticipate a busy Autumn!

Now that restrictions are beginning to be relaxed, we are looking carefully and thoroughly at how we may resume some activities in a safe way which protects all our volunteers and other members of the public. Keep Britain Tidy and our insurers have issued guidance to support groups in recommencing activities/work and we are revisiting our risk assessments which we anticipate will be lead to us introducing new procedures, and revising how we handle and use equipment/tools.

We will, as soon as we feel it is appropriate to do so, recommence our organised gardening and litter picking activities in a limited, controlled way so please do keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events that you may wish to join.

Jean Peasley