The Story of Marsh and Micklefield Big Local

Marsh and Micklefield Big Local is a resident led community development project. All residents involved in the project are volunteers.

In 2014, following their successful campaign to rebuild Micklefield Library a few years earlier, the residents of Micklefield, together with the residents of Marsh, were asked to take part in a national community development project called ‘Big Local’. Big Local is funded by the lottery and there are a total of 150 communities in England taking part in the project.

Since then a core group of residents have been working together to make positive changes locally: planting flowers, running the movie night, creating activities with young people - as well as getting some of the money that comes with the Big Local out to other initiatives such as Hills Café and our Community Centres.

This new website, along with the ‘The Mayfly’ newspaper, marks the launch of the next five years of the project. Reflecting the values of inclusivity, empowerment and enjoyment, this site and The Mayfly have been lovingly thought through so that everyone can participate in and enjoy them.

As a community we are fortunate to have access to some lottery funding to help develop our area, but we’ve realised it’s not money that makes this thing work - its people. So please get in touch and get involved!

‘Its been a long journey and we have learnt so much. The next 5 years depend on getting young and old, and everyone in between, from the wider community involved. We hope this website is the start of that’

Resident Volunteer / Chair

If you would like to find out more…

…take a look at the ‘Get Involved’ pages of this site, or just get in touch for a chat and we will take it from there.

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