How to keep your mental health at its best during challenging times by Emily Baughan-Williams

In this fantastic article, Emily shares her top three ideas for how you can look after your mental health and practice self care.

This global pandemic has caused detrimental harm to everyone around the world. People have lost their lives, their jobs, struggling to save money. I don’t have the answer to those situations however I will provide you with some advice on how to keep your mental health at its best during challenging times.

Covid 19 has affected many people of all ages and with or without mental illness. It does not matter whether you have one or not you deserve the same amount of help as someone with a mental health issue. No one is invalid. You’re not alone and someone is always listening, you have a voice so use it! There is no shame in asking for help.

Being in lockdown has been a nightmare but keep remembering it won’t follow us forever. Here are three of my top tips on how to look after your mental health and practice self care:

  1. One of the best ways I cope is to just let my emotion out. Don’t lock and bottle them up. If you fill a glass with too much water, it overflows. If crawling up into a ball and crying makes you feel better than do so just make sure you always talk to someone like friends or family. Honestly, I’ve had my fair share of shrieking like a possessed demon so it cannot be any worse than me and it is all worth it. Go somewhere and let it out.
  2. Exercise is also a good way to keep our mental health in check. Doing a small amount of exercise each day like going for a walk or jog (don’t worry not making you do a tiresome workout) it releases endorphins in your brain which gives positive energy and reduces stress. It also gives you some good time out in the summer sun so push ups are not priority!
  3. Trying new hobbies may also be useful to. Who knows maybe you will find a new favourite hobby that you will continue to do? For example, drawing/colouring, yoga or reading helps pass the time. Quarantine got me back into writing which I am developing as I go. Having a go at new things broadens your mind and if you keep at it and improving it doesn’t matter whether your good at it or not you will improve at it anyway whatever you try.

Just a reminder that yes life may never be the same again. Everything’s changing it is ok to fall. Nothing must be perfect, neither is it going to be so do not try to build this perfect life too quickly. With time everything will heal.

Defeats will come but you will rise from the war a winner.