Mark’s Lockdown Story

Lockdown has been a very strange and trying time for many local people. Read 12 year old resident Mark’s story about his experiences below:

Lockdown for me and my family was different for us compared to most of my friends.

It started the same as most people; me and my sister were getting up doing our school work, but Dad was at home. Normally every couple of weeks me and my sister Frankie take it in turns to have a sleepover at Nan and Grandads, so it was a bit weird not seeing them but otherwise lockdown seemed ok. I was actually enjoying it. My Nan had been unwell for some time, and for her birthday me and Frankie made some ‘Happy Birthday’ posters. But on the day before her birthday,in the early hours of a Saturday morning, Nan was taken to hospital by ambulance with blue flashing lights.

When Nan was in hospital it was a bit strange because Mum wasn’t here. She was staying to look after Grandad and make sure he was alright (the doctor had told her that it was classed as essential). Because of Coronavirus none of us were allowed to go and visit Nan and that was really horrible, but we got to speak to her on the phone for a few seconds. On the Thursday Dad told us we were going up to Grandads. When we got there Mum told us that Nan had died that morning. We stayed there till lunch time (keeping 2 metres distance).

I was close to my Nan and most weeks she would meet meet me on a Tuesday at Micklefield library. I would choose some books and then she would walk home with me. My Nans funeral was also the first I’ve ever been to. It was sad. Since then I have managed to see my Grandad a couple of times.

So my experience of lockdown is probably quite different to my friends. I’ll be glad to be able to see them when this over. And go to the park. I’m looking forward to Boomm Futures starting up again, I miss our Wednesday afternoons and our sometimes funny and sometimes strange little chats. I’m looking forward to going to Grandads for a sleepover (and to get away from my sister).

I have to say 2020 has been a strange year for our family so far.

Mark aged 12.