NCS - 1 Million Hours of Doing Good!

Sign up and do some good today…

Soon enough, the government will start to lift the lockdown restrictions and life will start going back to normal…whatever that means. But getting back to what we once knew will take some work.

In the next few months, everyone - from your neighbours to the local shop - is going to need a little more help and a bit of extra kindness to start adjusting to the new version of how things used to be. It’ll take time and patience, and a big No We Can attitude from the whole country.

So how can you go about making positive change?

Well, Keep Good Doing - One Million Hours of Doing Good is your first port of call! It’s our way of banding together to help get the country back to business, once it’s safe to do so of course.

All it takes is a pledge to donate some of your time through volunteering and social action. Not only will you be helping to rebuild your local community, but you’ll pick up some new skills and get all of our futures off to a good start.

And we know one million hours might seem like a lot, but we’re not expecting you to do all of them on your own! The more people who pledge, the more we can share the hours between us. And we’ve got loads of different opportunities coming up for you to get involved.

To get the ball rolling, you’ll have the opportunity to give your time at a number of charity shops in collaboration with the Charity Retail Association [CRA]. You’ll help get the likes of Barnardo’s and The Air Ambulance Service across the country reopened and back in business. Amazing!

We’ll also be opening up different volunteer opportunities soon, so check out our Keep Doing Good page for more information on what and when you can sign up for.