Wycombe Youth Council to Start Litter Pick Initiative - By Huw Davies

Read all about how the Youth Council plan to help Keep Britain Tidy in this fantastic article

Hi! My name is Huw Davies and I am a member of Wycombe Youth Council.

“We fear a littering pandemic as lockdown eases”, says the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the rate of littering has increased significantly. This is as a result of an increase in picnics and outdoor activity, however the main source of the increase in litter is the introduction of single use masks and plastic gloves.

To counteract this, our Youth Council plans to hold a day of litter picking in the near future. It will hopefully be held on the Rye, however due to the ever- changing situation of the pandemic a date is not currently possible.

More information will be available soon on our instagram page @wycombeyouthaction_yp. We encourage everyone reading this to come and support a great cause!